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SunGold yellow kiwi seeds 25 pieces selected and untreated to sow

SunGold yellow kiwi seeds 25 pieces selected and untreated to sow

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Transform your garden into a fruity oasis with our 25 SunGold Kiwi seeds. Grow your own juicy and sweet kiwis, rich in vitamins and exotic flavors. The SunGold Kiwifruit is renowned for its smooth, golden skin and deliciously sweet flesh, making it a popular fruit among gardening and cooking enthusiasts.

Features :

  • Quantity: 25 SunGold Kiwi seeds
  • Variety: Actinidia chinensis
  • Color: Golden skin and emerald green flesh
  • Flavor: Mild and sweet with tropical undertones
  • Growth: Vigorous, climbing plant
  • Temperature: Prefers temperate climates

Planting Instructions:

  1. Fill a growing pot with a light, well-draining mix.
  2. Plant the seeds about 1 cm deep in the soil.
  3. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy.
  4. Place the pot in a bright, warm location, ideally near a sunny window.
  5. The first shoots should appear in about 2-4 weeks.

Care Tips:

  • Transplant the young plants into a sunny location with support for climbing.
  • Water regularly to keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Prune the plant to encourage vertical growth and make harvesting easier.

Harvest: SunGold kiwifruit typically ripen in the fall. Fruits are ready to harvest when they yield slightly to pressure and are uniform in color. Cut them with scissors to avoid damaging the plant.

Growing your own SunGold kiwifruit is a rewarding and delicious experience. Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting exotic fruits from the comfort of your own garden. Transform your outdoor spaces into a fruity paradise with our 25 SunGold Kiwi seeds. Order now and start your kiwi growing adventure at home!

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