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GOURMET World Salts Box of 6 Artisanal Jars 700G

GOURMET World Salts Box of 6 Artisanal Jars 700G

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Product Description: The World Salts Box - Exotic Collection is an invitation to a taste journey across continents. Discover the unique flavors of six exceptional salts from the most exotic regions on the planet.

Contents of the Box:

  1. Himalayan Salt (Pink) : Hand-harvested in the majestic Himalayan Mountains, this delicate pink salt is rich in minerals and brings a touch of elegance to your dishes. Perfect for grills, vegetables and salads.

  2. Hawaiian Black Salt : Originating from the volcanic shores of Hawaii, this unique black salt gets its dark color from the addition of activated charcoal. It offers a bold, crisp flavor ideal for seafood, meat dishes and grilled vegetables.

  3. Hawaiian Red Salt : A rare variety of red salt blended with sumac and herbs for an unforgettable Mediterranean experience. Perfect for chicken, fish dishes and salads.

  4. Beech Wood Smoked Salt : This salt is smoked with beech wood, which gives it a delicate smoky flavor. Use it to give a special touch to your meat dishes, seafood and vegetables.

  5. Persian Blue Salt : Originally from Iran, this rare salt gets its deep blue color from natural minerals present in the region. It adds a subtly salty flavor to your dishes, including salads, sushi and rice dishes.

  6. Hawaiian Green Salt : Harvested from the beaches of Hawaii, this green salt gets its distinctive hue from local volcanic clay. It offers a slightly salty flavor with mineral notes. Perfect for seafood, salads and vegetable dishes.

Net Weight: Each pot of salt contains 80 grams, for a total of 480 grams.

Packaging: The box is beautifully presented in quality glass jars, for each variety of salt, guaranteeing their freshness and preservation.

Use: Each of these exquisite salts adds a unique dimension to your dishes. Use them to enhance your culinary creations, from meat dishes to fish dishes, salads and vegetables.

Origin: These salts are carefully sourced in their region of origin to guarantee their authenticity and quality.

Gift Idea: A Chef’s gift! The World Salts Box - Exotic Collection is a perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts, gourmets and taste travelers. Give it for birthdays, holidays or any other special occasion.

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Delivery: Available for fast delivery worldwide.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. The information provided here is for informational purposes only and does not replace advice from a health or nutrition professional.

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